Things I'm Good At:

Digital Design

The "digital" platform is a big, sometimes scary place. Fear not, we can navigate it together. Whether you are looking for a memorable new website design or perhaps a small online campaign that packs a punch ... I've got you covered.


Having trouble finding your voice? Let's figure out what you want to say, how you want to say it, and of course how you'll look doing it. Whether you're an individual or a big company, everyone's got a story to tell. But let's make sure that story aligns with your target audience.

Print Design

Hey, did you see that really cool billboard? No? That's because we haven't created it yet. From large scale graphics down to business cards, print design offers customers a tactile experience that digital platforms can't ... and one they won't forget if done well.

Presentation Design

The only thing you should have to worry about when presenting is your stage fright (see: Life Advice section). Whether you're a TED presenter or pitching for a new startup, your presentation should be both easy to understand and visually pleasing.


Need some imagery to go with that shiny new website we designed together? Let's shoot it ... within reason, please.
*Unless you immediately need pictures of waterfalls in Hawaii or something, I'm totally ok with that. Let's go.

Life Advice

Let's face it, we're going to be woking together closely for a bit. Often I've found myself giving professional advice to clients in the beginning of a project, and by the end we're exchanging life stories. But don't worry, this service is free of charge and I won't bring it up unless you ask.