READ 180 Universal 2016 Campaign

Print Design, Web Design


January 28, 2016

In early 2016, HMH released a new edition of their most proven, highest earning intervention program: READ 180 Universal. This new version boasts significant technological and content upgrades, as well as numerous industry accolades. With such foundational improvements, a redesign of the program itself and its marketing efforts were necessary.

Following the READ 180 Universal Seeding Campaign, “Simply Better” was introduced as the main campaign tagline and inspiration for design. Our challenge was to create a fresh, impactful, and flexible design that would still honor READ 180’s established identity. Bold angles and typography embodied the simplicity of the campaign, lifestyle photography introduced a real, emotional element, while color remained symbolic of READ 180’s history.

So what role did I have in all of this? It started with an Instructional Sampler. My comp was chosen for the design of this first piece for the campaign, and adopted as aesthetic direction for all subsequent pieces. To date, the campaign encompasses numerous print pieces, websites, large scale graphics, promotional materials, social ads, and an interactive app used at conferences. I have helped to both execute these pieces myself as well as provide creative direction to others on my team.


  • Creative Campaign Planning
  • Web Design
  • Print Design